Watch Dogs Preview


Watch Dogs Preview

Everybody is talking about Watch Dogs so if you don’t know what it is yet then chances are you are living under a rock. Fear not however, this preview will give you the basic outline of the game.

Ubisoft has been on fire lately. If you played Far Cry3, Assassin’s Creed franchise, and South Park: The Stick of Truth, you will know what I’m talking about. Watch Dogs was revealed for the first time on E3 back in 2012. I am one of those people who have been waiting for the game’s release since its first reveal date. When Watch Dogs was delayed once again on November 2013, everyone’s heart sank. Being the most anticipated upcoming game that it is, it even postponed the entire concept of next-gen gaming for many. However, it was this incredible hype that drove Ubisoft into postponing the title because it wants to deliver what the audience wants.

The game will be released (finally) on 27 May 2014 on almost all gaming platforms including the next gen ones – PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One.


You play as Aiden Pearce, a former thug and professional hacker. After the tragic death of his niece, he seeks revenge and his own form of justice by hacking into Chicago’s CtOS (Central Operating System) and uses it to his advantage. CtOS is super computer that controls every bit of technology in the city of Chicago. This also means it has all the information on every individual living in the city. You, as Aiden the expert hacker, have the power to manipulate it and look into the deepest, darkest secrets of your targets. Whilst seeking to the culprits behind the death of your niece, be an anonymous vigilante and take care of the crimes that are looked over by the authority.


Since the game is not released, not much can be said about the gameplay. However, Ubisoft did reveal several gameplay videos online. Several popular websites like ign and gamespot were also given the privilege to scratch the surface of the game for the rest of us gamers. To give you a basic idea to start with, the game is the perfect blend of open world gameplay like Grand Theft Auto V, driving like Need for Speed, stealth like Metal Gear Solid, shootouts like Max Payne. If you haven’t heard of Watch Dogs before, I can see you are excited now.

If you think all that’s great, I haven’t even talked about the hacking mechanics yet. This is the signature mechanic of the game and first of its kind. With Aiden’s in-game smartphone, you can:

·         Hack into any citizen of the city and find out all about that citizen.

·         Retrieve bank data and steal funds from anyone. Rich businessmen? Homeless war veterans? You are in control.

·         Scan for nearby reported crimes.

·         Hack into the city’s mainframe and control things ranging from traffic lights to cause chaos to the main power supply to cause a city wide blackout.

The combat is complex but nothing you have never seen before. It implements some parkour and stealth components while maintaining the basic third person shooter style. Some gameplay videos suggest there might be bullet time sequences like the ones from Max Payne. The hacking mechanic can also be used to your advantage during aggressive and combat situations such as creating diversions, creating cover from gun fire and sometimes directly eliminating your enemy. If you want to use those features for a more stealthy approach, then you can. Diversions are especially effective when you are evading as nobody, not even the police, will look for you in places that don’t seem obvious to them.


The crowd had gone wild after the first gameplay trailer and the hype never faded after that. Since its prerelease, Watch Dogs already received over 83 awards and nominations after E3 2012. The next year, it received an additional 90 or more awards and nominations.


All of this is like merely scratching the surface. Ubisoft claims the game will have a lot more to offer and all of it will be revealed as you play through. The game is probably out by now and I’m not leaving my room until I had my fill of this game.