Outlast Game


A Look at Outlast

Are you the survival horror type? Have you been looking for a good horrifying gaming experience without any cheap jump scares? If you are truly a fan of this genre of gaming, then you should be no stranger to Outlast. You may not have played it but the chances are that you at least heard of it. If you thought Amnesia: The Dark Descent was too scary, wait till you take this one out for a drive.

Plot (no spoilers)

You are Miles Upshur, a dedicated journalist who wants to dig up the deep, dark secrets of the now ruined interiors of Colorado’s Mt. Massive Asylum. Your only equipment and your closest friend, as you will see later on as you play through, is a video camera. When you enter the dark mad house of horrors, you are terrified with what you discover. All the inmates are released including the murderous psychopaths. Soon you realize none of this is worth risking your life and so your attempts to escape become first priority. However, you have no clue about the horrors that await you.


Outlast is absolutely gruesome so make sure you have strong stomach for intense blood and gore. It includes some of the sickest scenes you will be seeing in long a while. It’s not a surprise as all of the enemies or monsters in the game are mad. Mad men don’t know they are mad, but given the opportunity they can do some sick things without knowing they are sick.

The game is a FPS without the S. In other words, there are no weapons in the game. Once you see an enemy, or once the enemy sees you, then you have to run and hide to survive. This play style was first integrated by Frictional Games in the title Penumbra. In fact, the developers of Outlast have admitted to drawing some ideas from games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Your camera has the feature to turn on night vision which is great if you are strolling through a dark hallway of an asylum full of psychopaths. The downside is that you have to keep an eye out for batteries as the night vision quickly drain battery life.

By now the game sounds very difficult to play. Fortunately, our protagonist is quite athletic. He is fast and can perform some basic parkour moves like vaulting over ledges quickly to evade the enemy. You may not find being in the dark comfortable, but the dark is probably your second best friend after your video camera. During most of the game you will find yourself choosing the darker way through to avoid being detected.


The audio and soundtracks of the game frequently takes the spotlight when you hear your character breath heavily as he is hiding from the guy who was chasing him. Imagine a mad man chasing you with what looks like a machete with your name on it. I’m sure you would be either scared to death or choked to death. The scenes are that intense. It’s an asylum in which everything that good possibly go wrong, did go wrong. You will occasionally hear screams of agony and pleads for mercy from the farthest reaches of the interiors which indicates that the asylum still has some personnel trying to escape it like you. I hope you can already tell by now, but the experience is more immersive if you play through with a good pair of headphones.

Other Features

The controls are smooth and easy to get the hang off. It is your standard FPS style setting. New integrations include looking back while you are running. This helps you to keep track of the enemy chasing you. I have never seen a game pull this off so perfectly.

Graphics is important in a game like this as visual content vouches for a huge portion of the horror in the game. The textures and meshes are of high quality. The blood and body parts look almost real and can make a weak stomach feel funny.


Don’t watch Pewdiepie play Outlast on YouTube no matter how much of a bro you are. This game is worth experiencing for yourself before you watch someone else doing it.