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Some of the latest cool new technology and inventions for 2016 we absolutely love. Drones bikes and camping oh my!

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New Technology That Proves We Are In The Future 2016 #23
In 2016, new technologies, gadgets and inventions will hit the market in the artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, smartphones and 3D that could pave the way for a major shift in future society.

Technology Trends
00:08 Kaleidoscope leveraged knowledge from the consumer goods and emerging technology markets to create an innovative Orange Solar Tent product design concept.

Orange Solar Tent

01:34 XTI Aircraft TRIFAN 600 – Aviation enthusiasts have been dreaming about an airplane like the TriFan 600 for over 100 years. XTI is about to place all of us on the doorstep of a new era of flight.

TriFan 600

02:40 EROVR is a multi-purpose folding cart-wagon system, capable to transform into a mover’s dolly, hand truck, flat cart, hand cart, kids wagon, beach wagon, utility wagon and much more. Find out today about EROVR and its revolutionary capabilities at

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