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Mobile app explainer video for Parkway Bank and Trust Co. animation production by Yans Media –

Managing money is getting easier. And now that banks are catering to the financial needs of more people, what better way to educate them than a great animated video for business and financial needs.

The project also featured on Behance in Adobe After Effects

Parkway Bank and Trust Co. is always thinking forward. With over 50 years of experience, they offer a wide array of financial products and services.

But they want to catch up to the latest technological advancements. For this reason, they thought a mobile app was a great way to simplify the lives of millions of customers while teaching them to be more responsible with their money.

The challenge: show the app’s convenience through an animated explainer video

Parkway Bank and Trust Co.’s mobile app wanted to solve the main financial problems of their users. But they still needed the right approach to explain their solutions. That is why they decided to order a mobile app animated add

The Bank contacted Simplifilms to create a mobile app explainer video that could sell the app’s convenience in a friendly and straightforward way. They wanted clients to feel like the app was going to take care of them, all the time. The animated video for business should appeal to a younger demographic, which is tech-savvy and YouTube-driven.

The solution: An elegant and simple animated video for business

Simplifilms contacted us, and soon we were brainstorming an explainer video that Parkway Bank and Trust Co could be proud of.

The first concept of the mobile app animated add we addressed was simplicity and security. As a result, we used minimal yet powerful graphics, smooth camera movements, and direct storytelling.

We also knew the demographic is familiar with mobile technology. We recreated a situation completely recognizable to them: no matter where you are, the app will always have your back.

The final result is an animated mobile app explainer video perfectly targeted to the YouTube audience.

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