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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review

After 9 months since the original Surface Pro was released, here we have the new born Microsoft Surface Pro 2. With a glance it looks quite identical to its original starting from the materials to the design. However, being the successor it has also seen some updated hardware. As for a tablet it is in fact heavier and bulkier than most others on the market but note that it is almost a hybrid cross between a tablet and a notebook.


As mentioned before, the overall look and feel is quite familiar as it is really not different from its predecessor in terms of design. As a tablet it may be considered quite bulky and heavy but when you compare it to a laptop it can be considered as quite compact and slick. Staying true to the original design it is composed of the same material. It is a magnesium composite casing that gives a very sturdy feel. It is commonly referred to as vapor mag as it is a very soft and subtle finish to it and it does a decent job in masking smudges and fingerprints on it. The sides are also cut out in an angle much like the original to keep it leaning onto the kickstand.


There is also no change with the display. It is the exact one from before, a 10.6 inch ips display with 1920*1080 pixel resolution and 208 ppi pixel density. The specs were satisfactory on the original Surface Pro and it is still satisfactory now with the new Pro 2 even though some might expect a slight bump up in resolution in 9 months’ time. 1080p is great for surfing the web because it is in combination with Microsoft’s own homebrew clear typewriting technology which makes for some quite sharp looking text. So in terms of details it is quite nice and crisp. Likewise the color reproduction of the display is superb. There is little distortion with the display. It is lively, rich and saturated even when used outdoors thanks to the strong brightness output and wide viewing angle.


Since the Surface Pro 2 has the same features and designs as before it still features things like the start button below the screen. It also has the same body as the last one its ports around its sides so it includes features like the mini display port for video app functionality, the magnetic docking connection for the power, the micro SD card slot, the headset jack, volume controls and a full size USB 3.0 port.

The optional keyboards for the Surface Pro 2 got updated last year. The new thing about them is that they are thinner than their predecessors but it is recommended that you use the type cover more than the touch cover because it replicates that desktop-like experience with the normal keyboard.


New on the ride is of course the updated Windows 8.1 experience and if you used it then you would know that it is heading towards the right direction. There are several enhancements made to prove that the OS has really grown during its development. The start screen is quite familiar as you have the dynamic start screen widgets but this time around it is more controlled in terms of organization. By a few swipes you can customize and sort the applications as you want. One of the biggest things to come back to come into the Windows experience is the desktop where you can work with multiple applications like any windows pc. On the tasbar however, you have the start button.


The Surface Pro 2 runs on a 1.6 GHz Dual Core Intel Core i5 CPU and 4 GB RAM with up to 512GB of internal storage space. The GPU is the Intel HD 4400 makes the tablet very responsive and fast as you would expect with its specs. The videos and games look great on the tablet with display being 1080p. The audio is crisp and clear up to the level you would expect from a tablet. Overall the media consumption is satisfactory.


Even though the Surface Pro 2 didn’t bring new things as expected, it stayed true to the original and polished it to perfection.

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