Graphics card maker Nvidia makes a play for machine learning and AI tech niche

In case you missed it, artificial intelligence is a big deal these days, with every app and gadget maker looking to pack ever more smarts into their products. Typically, researchers working on Artificial Intelligence make it smarter by using what’s known as “machine learning,” and since that usually involves computers teaching computers as it were, the faster your computer is, the better.

However, one specific kind of computer, the high-powered “GPU” or Graphics Processing Unit, which originally was developed in response to the demands of the graphics in high-end video games, seems especially well suited to machine learning, and there’s no bigger name in the GPU game than Nvidia. Now, Nvidia is putting more focus on making products specifically for AI, and they’ve just introduced a new machine-learning specific GPU called the Tesla V100.

Let’s just say right now that the V100 is huge, it’s very, very expensive, and it’s not for gamers – it’s for data centers and AI workouts. But, take heart – this kind of stuff tends to trickle down quickly, and we’ll definitely see a gaming GPU based on the new tech sooner than later. Story:

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