Field Balancing Training Tutorial: iRotorBalancer App on iPad by GTI Predictive Technology

Field balancing a fan, spindle, windmill, motor, pump or other rotating machine can be tricky at times. iRotorBalancer makes it easy. In this tutorial video is a full walkthrough on how to balance rotating machinery.

iRotorBalancer runs on the iPad and requires a special hardware available from GTI Predictive Technology (

This tutorial provides a step-by-step on balancing a single plane motor using trial and correction weights the steps shown in this video are written out below.

01) Confirm proper hardware setup (tachometer, accelerometer, proper orientations and angles)
02) Set rotation to either clockwise or counter-clockwise
03) Tap “Get” button to perform initial measurements
04) Take note of 2nd set of numbers, 2nd number in that set is the degree for trial weight placement
05) Tap “Estimate” and enter the appropriate information
06) Add estimated trial weight to rotor (field 1 will automatically populate with estimated trial weight)
07) Tap “Get” button for “Vibration with Trial Weight”
08) Tap “Correction Weight”
09) Take note of new weight and degree (autofilled next to button)
10) Remove trial weight
11) Add correction weight as instructed
12) Tap “Get” button for “Vibration after Correction”
13) Add final suggested weight if suggested
14) Add “Get” button again for final measurements
15) Tap “Report” to generate balancing report

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