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App Review: Vine

The concept of social video was recently introduced and it has seen its fair share of featured services and apps. However, it doesn’t seem that people could successfully grasp the idea. Soon Vine was introduced. The new Instagram from video clips, Vine is a social video app owned by Twitter. Since then, if you haven’t already noticed on your Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, the app has taken off and is a great success. Vine allows users to make short looping videos and share them on social networks and Youtube. The idea is simple, fresh, and, not to mention, fun. However, not long ago Instagram added an option to add 15 second videos along with cool filters. So how good is the app itself? Here’s a review of Vine to answer that.

Getting Started

You can either sign up to make an account on Vine or you can directly use your Twitter account to log in. When logged in you’ll reach the home page where you can explore and watch random videos posted by other people much like YouTube. It is best to navigate to your profile and fill out your information and add all the people in your contacts, Facebook, Twitter and others who are also using Vine. By doing so you can then keep updated on new videos posted by your friends which makes the overall experience more fun.

The home screen is pretty standard and nothing out of the ordinary which you wouldn’t expect. You can “like” and share videos, and of course leave comments. One interesting thing you’ll notice is that as you scroll down or up the screen, the video on display will start playing automatically while the videos playing off the display will stop. This only adds to the fun you scroll through the app and see some great and some pretty bad 6 second videos. This set up can make you laugh, smile, feel sad, confused and disgusted (maybe a weird combination of all of them). The advantage here is that Vine is all video and nothing else. Unlike in Instagram that is infested with pictures (even if some are quite awesome) you will not have to worry about running into pictures.

Making your own videos

Watching videos is fun surely. But once you get the will and courage to try for yourself and get past the first one, you’ll realize that making them is so much more fun. On top of that making videos is quite easy with the Vine app. Simply tap and hold the camera button on the upper right to record and do your thing. That’s it. You’re done. If you want to make small segments and different scenes then just tap and release the camera button for your first scene, then repeat for the other scenes and you have a short 6 second video of you saying a hi from different parts of the world (or your house if you’re lazy). The part where it beats Instagram is that you can touch anywhere on the screen for better flexibility in recording. Once you got that down, it all comes down to practice. Once you’re really good at it you can make short scenes with a very smooth, continuous narrative in just a 6 second video.

Other features

These are minor features but they all add up to make significant enhancement to your vining experience. You can save up to 10 Vines at once for later. This is helpful when your phone can’t get a signal and have issues uploading or you can take multiple Vines of the same scene and choose the one you like best. Saving session is also possible. You can look back and watch your saved Vine from your phone storage without having to upload it yet so if you want to improve it later on then you can.


The newest version of Vine is quite strong and unmatched at what it does. Much like Instagram it has grown from a simple app to a great one. Some features like video filters are still yet to come on Vine but it should be there soon. Overall, Vine is the best app for recording and sharing short videos to date.

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