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5 Best Alternatives of Netflix

Last year Netflix took apart the online video streaming services and DVD rental services from one another. This year Netflix has decided to ramp up its prices in the United States by a dollar per month. The company has a well-built decade long reputation for providing the best DVD rentals by mail service that even the other giants like Walmart can’t compete with. Still as of today Netflix is one of the biggest names in steaming media. This makes it take a lot of stuff from its customers. It almost seems like it is now living off its glory days. What’s more to come in the near future?

This might not have much of an impact to the loyal subscribers for at least an additional couple of years, but the new potential customers who decided to try out online streaming may want to look for cheaper alternatives. So here are the 5 best Netflix alternatives that may not offer all the services that Netflix does but they surely come closer than the others.


Crackle unlike Netflix is free. It offers a decent number of movies that Netflix does not have sometimes. Crackle also consists of more horror and gore related movies that you’ll usually not find on Netflix. There are advertisements like Hulu that needs some time to get used to but the website doesn’t ask for a dime from you so it is a pretty good deal.


Vudu is the streaming media company owned by Wal-Mart. Like all the others mentioned here, it works the same or similar to Netflix, offering countless high definition movies and TV shows to sink your hours in. However the number of platforms that can run it is limited to PC, Blu-ray players, PS3 and iPad. Vudu is always on time when a movie is released on DVD so you will never have to wait a couple of days. There is no monthly subscription but you can rent movies for only $2 for a couple of nights.


Need I say much about Youtube? There’s a high chance you last visited site was Youtube. It is free entertainment and runs across all platforms that you can imagine. Gaming consoles, iOS, Android, Computer web browsers, Kindle Fire, etc.

It is surprising that not many people know this, but you can watch full length Hollywood movies on Youtube, that is if you manage to find them. Countless videos are being uploaded every day and the traffic makes it harder to look for the video you want. If it’s not movies, then there are youtubers like Pewdiepie you can laugh along with.

Hulu Plus

Watch whatever show you want in Hulu Plus, classic or current, by paying $.7.99 per month. Hulu Plus not only sits on your computer for streaming videos, it extends several other devices including your phones and tablets, and even gaming consoles. Watch your favorite TV show on your Android or iOS device, Xbox or PlayStation, TiVo, etc. This essentially means that you can use Hulu Plus to watch your favorite show from anywhere at any time.

The downside, however, is that in order to enjoy video streaming in Hulu Plus, you need watch commercials which can keep that $7.99 stay as it is and not increase further. The extra feature which allows you to burn videos into DVD and watch it later on makes up for that.

Amazon Prime

Platforms supported are much like Hulu Plus. Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U, Android and iOS devices, and of course Web browsers on PC. It also runs on Kindle Fire and Roku. With the diverse range of platforms to run on, Amazon Prime still offers a whopping $6.58 per month subscription that totals $79 per year only.

Amazon is on a mission to take down Netflix and it is trying hard based on the amazing offers. Paid subscribers enjoy a free shipping service for 2 days and discounted shipping for one day on any purchase. Netflix offers 20,000 titles whereas Amazon Prime offers only 6,000. They have announced that they’ll have over 12,000 by the end of 2014. If Netflix is not an option, then Amazon Prime is the go to place for online media and DVD shoppers.

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